September 2016 (Recap)

The workload is piling up both on an academic and professional level, there’s no doubt about it.

My typical response when asked how I am doing is, “Estoy bien, corriendo como siempre, pero bien.”

Translation: I have absolutely no time to breath but I am going to smile and tell you it’s all okay. 

Between 10 group projects (I wish I was joking) and a million and one things to do at work, I am left barely crossing the finish line of September but hey, I made it…. sort of.

Despite having an overwhelming month, it was filled with lots of special moments starting with a weekend vacay in Gainesville for my friend’s birthday and ending it with one of the biggest album releases of the year (go #WarnerFam).

Dude mountain never dies.

Gaby won Homecoming Princess!

Found an amazing açai place in naples: The Bowl

Press Junket with Zion & Lennox for their album release, “Motivan2”

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