27 Celebrity Music Video Cameos You Forgot About

What's better than rewatching music videos? Rewatching them and THEN realizing one of your fave celebrities made a cameo appearance before their No need to play, "Where's Waldo?" They appear here: 1. Liam Hemsworth in Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather" 2. Noah Centineo in Camila Cabello's "Havana ft. Young Thug" 3. Rupert Grint in Ed … Continue reading 27 Celebrity Music Video Cameos You Forgot About


23 Highlights From My 23rd Year

Twenty three of the best moments from my 23rd year.

January 2018: Favorites

January: The new, blank page filled with all types of exciting goals for the new year. Most of these aspirations were short-lived. Like the one where I was going to work out everyday. Whatever. But hey, I'm still trying to get the workouts in. The month had some lows, unfortunately, but there were some highs … Continue reading January 2018: Favorites

Travel Diary: Galicia, España

To the little pueblitos where everyone has a vineyard in their backyard, to the cities where locals stay out until 8AM for copitas, Galicia has the best of both worlds. 

What I Learned in College

Throughout these 5 years, I learned a lot about life, the "real world" and most importantly, I learned about me.