8 Quotes For Valentine’s Day

Love can be seen, felt and said in so many ways. But, there is something simply beautiful about the different ways people interpret this powerful emotion. From the greatest writers of literature like Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Brontë to the author of the most beautiful story, the Bible, it's evident that love inspires us all.   … Continue reading 8 Quotes For Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Guys & Gals)

It's that time of year again. Hearts, chocolate and enormous bears are being shoved in your face just about anywhere you go. But it's okay, it's another excuse to celebrate the magical thing that is love (not that it shouldn't be celebrated everyday but whatever I didn't come up with this holiday). There's only a … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (Guys & Gals)

The Dad Dating Commandments

The phone vibrates on the glass nightstand. With hesitation, you grab the white iPhone and slide your thumb across the screen. "I'm here," the text reads. Making your way to the door, you stop at the mirror and smooth your hair. The soft knock makes your heart jolt. Today is the day. It's finally here … Continue reading The Dad Dating Commandments