12 Shows To Binge Watch While You're Stuck at Home

The world seems to be crashing down and burning but no need to fret, I’ve got some shows you can watch to let your worries fly away (and to let you forget that you’re stuck at home).

Here are some of my favorite shows that are keeping me sane during quarantine.


Let me introduce you to my all time favorite show, “Velvet.” Set in Madrid in the 1950’s, “Velvet” is a tragic love story between Alberto Marquez, the heir of one of Spain’s most prestigious fashion houses, Galerías Velvet, and Ana Rivera, a poor seamstress who has lived at the galleries her whole life, longing to build a life with Alberto. I laughed, sobbed and totally fell in love with the characters of this show. Put simply: Each episode is 75 minutes or more. I started the first season (14 episodes) on a Friday afternoon at around 4PM, and finished the whole thing, that same weekend, Sunday morning at 5AM. That’s over 17 hours of television all watched in less than 48 hours. It’s that good. Plus, if you need to brush up on your Spanish, this is the perfect opportunity!

Seasons: 4
Where To Watch: Netflix

New Girl

If you need a good, happy kind of a show, “New Girl” is it. I started watching it about 5 years ago and it is still one of my top 3 favorites. The dynamic between Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt (AKA the greatest character of all time—next to Michael Scott, of course) is what makes the show charming and hilarious.

Seasons: 7
Where To Watch: Netflix

Schitt’s Creek

Think the Kardashians having all of their assets taken away and now they’re living in the middle of nowhere with nothing. One word: HILARIOUS. My newest obsession. I have never been more involved with a group of characters and their overall development throughout the show. Every single actor is a pure GEM and when I tell you it’s pee-your-pants-laugh-out-loud funny it really is. I like to describe myself as a healthy combination of David Rose & Alexis Rose.

Seasons: 6
Where To Watch: Netflix (Only 5 seasons are available atm)


The hype is REAL. I finally gave in and started watching this docu series on the cheerleading team at Navarro College in middle of nowhere Corsicana, Texas. I was INSTANTLY hooked. My entire Instagram discover feed is now of cheerleading videos and I am not mad about it. I also want to go find Jerry, give him a big hug and be his best friend forever.

Seasons: 1
Where To Watch: Netflix

Love Is Blind

This show, all in all, is pretty bad but it’s one of those, “This is a train wreck and I can’t look away” kind of a situations. It’s a quick watch and you’ll be able to engage in all the Twitter talk of how awful Jessica is.

Seasons: 1
Where To Watch: Netflix

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

One word to describe this show: enthralling. A criminal mastermind, El Profesor, recruits a group of eight misfits, re-names them as cities and has them rollout the biggest money heist in history. This show keeps you on your toes the entire time. I did not sleep for days because I could not stop.

We also got so into it that my friends and I all came up with city names for ourselves. I am Cairo.

Seasons: 3 (4th coming out April 3rd)
Where To Watch: Netflix

The Mindy Project

This the current show I am watching and I don’t know what took me so long to jump on this train. Mindy Kaling is downright hilarious. It feels like I’m watching an entire show about Kelly Kapoor and it’s all I’ve needed during these trying times. Plus, there are lots of OFFICE familiar faces.

Seasons: 6
Where To Watch: Hulu


A teen murder mystery mixed in with a bunch of unnecessary and unrealistic high school drama? Sign. Me. Up.

Seasons: 3
Where To Watch: Netflix


I’m usually not one to love shows based on history but this one was just so glamorous that I couldn’t stop watching. Based on Queen Mary of Scotts, this is the tragic story of her love life, her rise to power and all of the troubles she had to endure to defend her country, her people and her own life. After sobbing the night away once I finished the show (in Disney World to be exact), I spent over 3 hours researching her life. It was so fascinating.

Seasons: 4
Where To Watch: Netflix

Jack Ryan

I am a big big fan of Mr. Krasinski so, naturally, anything he does, I watch. This is a high-intense show about CIA analyst Jack Ryan who is sent straight to where the action is in hopes of defeating terrorism.

Seasons: 2
Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Jewish-American housewife, Midge Maisel, discovers her secret talent, stand up comedy, and sets out to create a new life for herself after divorce. The actors are incredible and the humor is way too good. Let’s not even get into the fashion because it is everything.

Seasons: 3
Where To Watch: Amazon Prime

Big Little Lies

One of the best casts in a series. I’m usually not into high-suspense / intense shows but this one is incredible! The acting is superb and the overall storyline will keep you on your toes.

Seasons: 2
Where To Watch: HBO

Got any other show recommendations? Comment below and share them with me. Stay home! Stay safe!


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