Life Update: We’re engaged!

The past couple months have been a whirlwind but here’s what’s been going on with me — Mark and I are engaged!

I’ve been so overwhelmed with joy from all the love and we could not be happier.


I was coming down to Miami for my sister Christy’s graduation at the end of April. Mark, knowing I was flying down and knowing I ALWAYS invent things to do when I am in Miami, had told me weeks before to reserve April 26th for a welcome happy hour his company was hosting. Mark ins’t one to plan so far in advance but because it was for “work,” I didn’t question it for a second. Since I wouldn’t be in town for his birthday the week after, we decided to celebrate his birthday that night.

On that Friday, I woke up to a text from Mark reading, “Make sure to be ready to leave by 3!” Which of course, I fought him because 3PM for a happy hour was just way way way too early.

True to my Miami soul, I NEVER arrive on time to a happy hour because being fashionably late is a real thing, people.

Somehow, I managed to go with the flow. I went to get my nails done and my sister, Gaby, joined after I bribed her with coffee. If you know our relationship, you know that we accompany each other to the nail salon on the regular even if we already have our nails done. Her coming with didn’t phase me at all. She nonchalantly suggested I do a white-ish neutral color.

(I later found out she came last minute because she had a nightmare that I chose to get an orange manicure)

After nails, I went home to get dressed. The dress code, according to Mark, was heels and a dress which I found odd but whatever, I went with it.

All glammed at ready at the said 3PM pickup time, Mark was running late. So, I complained for a good 30 minutes because a) Mark was late and b) I was way to over dressed for a happy hour.

“Go change into jeans and a tee,” Gaby said, “and you’ll see how underdressed you are.”

My response? “With all this work this man has had me do today, he better propose.”

Hahahaha. Jokes on me.

The hissy fit ended 5 minutes later when Christy approved my outfit and then my mom. Shortly after, Mark came all suited up. All was well.

He ordered our Uber and we were off to this “new” bar in Brickell to meet his work friends “Sarah” and “Miguel” before the actual happy hour.

We got dropped off by the boardwalk of Brickell and started walking towards this new spot.

Mark started saying so many beautiful things about us and how much we’ve grown over the last 7 years, which again, didn’t phase me because if you know Mark, you know that he has always been one to compliment and say exactly how feels at all moments. One of the many reasons I love him.

His eyes began to water and I knew something was up.

I looked away to not sob and caught a glimpse of bunches of roses perfectly set up on the ground.

Mark asked me to banquet (or high schools’s version of prom) in 2012 with roses.

I knew what was going to come next.

And so it happened. My high school sweetheart proposed with the Miami skyline as our backdrop, encircled by dozens of roses.

Our dear friends, Sacha and Michael (the alleged “Sarah” and “Miguel”), helped Mark set up the beautiful arrangement while Jasen Delgado captured the moment.

We celebrated with some bubbles at the rooftop of The Epic Hotel then headed to a secret location for dinner (Mark knows I love surprises so he didn’t tell me where we were going)

I knew Mark’s parents would be there because I insisted we’d celebrate with them like a normal birthday even thought he wanted it just two.

We arrived to dinner and was welcomed not only by Mark’s parents, sister and brother-in-law but also my parents, sisters and their boyfriends.

Seeing them there filled me with so much emotion.

It was easily the happiest day of my life.

Hey Mark Roque, I can’t wait to marry you.


Miami Blogger - Pink - love

Photographer: Jasen Delgado


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