Life Update – I’ve Got Some News!

Here’s a secret I’ve been excited to share for months.

Drum roll please….


The past year has been a roller coaster but I am thrilled / very scared (lol) to begin this new chapter in my life. Getting my Master’s Degree has been in the “Becky Long Term Plan” since I was a kid. And it’s happening. It’s happening right now.

***cue happy / excited / nervous screams***

I researched different programs across the country for a little over a year now and narrowed down to about four schools. In September of last year, I took a trip to New York to look into the NYU Master’s of Integrated Marketing program, NYU MBA and Columbia Master’s in Strategic Communication.

After that weekend, it was a no brainer – I needed to be at NYU (studying marketing, of course).

Everything about the program just made sense – the courses, the overall dynamic, the integration of the city (aka marketing heaven) in the program, the resources, the job opportunities, the list goes on.

Originally I had my heart set on an MBA but after seeing everyone in suits / pencil skirts (nothing wrong with that, I’m just a dress and sneakers kind of gal for work) working for Wall Street, I knew it wasn’t for me.

I needed color, creativity and the chance to innovate.

So here I am, less than 2 days away from moving to the concrete jungle with my stomach full of a jitters, a heart of excitement and a head FILLED with ideas to create in my new playground.
Stay tuned.

Follow my day-to-day journey here šŸ‘‰šŸ½ and with the hashtag #TheOneWhereBeckyMoves #ItsBeenWaitingForBecky


When are you moving?

End of August!

How long is the program?

It’s 4 semesters long – it can be 2 years or condensed into 1.5

Where will you be living?

Lower Manhattan (east side)

How is Mark?

This has been the toughest part yet but here we go… Before Mark and I started dating (more than 6 years ago), I had told him of my plans of going to a top school for my Master’s and always had New York in mind. Like I said, this is hard for the both of us but we’ve been together through every climatic moment of each other’s lives (turning 18, graduating high school, first car, starting college, turning 21, graduating college, etc. etc. etc.) so I have faith that everything is going to be OKAY.

How are you parents / sisters handling it?

They knew it was coming. Our deal was Miami for undergrad, anywhere for graduate school. Obviously they’re a little sad but I’ll be coming back to Miami a lot. As for my sisters, they’ve already bought an air mattress and plane tickets LOL


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