January 2018: Favorites

January: The new, blank page filled with all types of exciting goals for the new year.

Most of these aspirations were short-lived. Like the one where I was going to work out everyday.


But hey, I’m still trying to get the workouts in.

The month had some lows, unfortunately, but there were some highs from getting to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday to enjoying some actual winter days in Miami.

Here are my January favorites:


  • Starting off the year with the most important people
  • Momma Rota’s 50th birthday + surprise party
  • Weekend Disney trip
  • Going vegan for a week and not wanting to kill anyone
  • Impromptu lunch date at Dreamer Miami
  • Greatest Showman family night
  • Cold Miami Days
  • Miami nights at the Warf

MUSIC: Bruno Mars “Finesse (Remix)” ft. Cardi B 

This collab and vid can’t get any better. Also helps that I’m a bit obsessed with Cardi B.. okurrrrrrrrrrrr!

MOVIES: The Greatest Showman

I have always loved musicals but had ZERO expectations going into this movie. I had a smile from ear to ear the ENTIRE time and let’s get real, the best Zac Efron is the Zac Efron that sings and dances. And that’s exactly what we got. Let’s not even talk about Hugh Jackman.

FOOD: Tofu noodles

Cooking is not my forte. #Fact. But, earlier in January I challenged myself to do a week vegan and surprisingly, I didn’t die, starve, or have horrible mood swings. In the process of buying food and planning my meals, I discovered Tofu noodles. Only 6 grams of carbs for an entire bag and 20 CALORIES! When I first opened the bag, I freaked – it smelled so bad. BUT, I dressed it up with tomatoes, onions, pine nuts and olive oil and it is so so yummy.

PODCASTS: When To Jump

I’ve never been into podcasts but I made it a point to go through the podcast section on Spotify and found this one. Some of the speakers are WONDERFUL, some are alright but overall, it’s good especially for those long commutes.

Hope you enjoyed!


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