Currently: A Becky Update (March 2017)

Currently just trying to survive day by day. A lot of school work , more work work and zero time to be social… well at least I try.

My last spring break EVER was a few weeks and it has been so difficult to get back into work mode. I desperately needed that vacay and didn’t want it to end.

Besides dying from exhaustion, here’s a Becky update and all the things I am currently up to.

Watching: Velvet

The obsession is #real. Let’s just say I started watching the show on a Friday and that Tuesday at 5AM I finished the entire first season in tears. (16 episodes, each 75 minutes each- a good 20 hours crying over this show)

You know it’s bad when you have an “emotional connection” with fictional characters.

Yup, not good at al.

Listening to: Reik and Ed Sheeran

I don’t need to say much, just listen.

Wishing: …. it was summer already.

I dream of being tan and salty by the beach with no cellphone connection and a fruity cocktail in my hand.

Celebrating: … Graduation!

It’s official – April 29th I’ll be walking down the stage. #OverIt

Drinking: Iced Almond Lattes with cinnamon

Eating: Açai bowls

Craving: A trip to Europe… Getting lost in a new city.

Avoiding: Doing any form of exercise… I’m just so tired. Maybe that’s the reason why.


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