Christmas Pajamas

Tucked away in my room hides a drawer filled with exciting and magical things. Yup, I’m talking about the drawer filled with ALL my Christmas pajamas.


VS Sleepshirt (Old, but similar here)


My all time favorite mug is back! Shop here

Getting matching pjs each year is a tradition my sisters and I hold very close to our hearts. We’re usually scrambling the last minute but we always have a successful ending. I can’t remember a Christmas where we don’t wake up matching and this year will be no different!

And let’s get real… is it really Christmas morning if you’re NOT in Christmas pajamas? I think not.

Here are my favorite Christmas pajamas for this year!

1. Classic Tartan Flannel Nightshirt

Let’s face it, flannel in Miami is NEVER a good idea. But, with this nightshirt is worth the sweat. Plus, it’s good for year round so you won’t feel weird wearing this in June.

2. Santa Baby Pajama Set

3. Flannel Sleep Romper

4. The Fireside Long Jane Pajama- ON SALE

and the winner for favorite pj is……

5. Holiday Sleep Set  

For those of you know who know me personally , you know that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving I instantly become Buddy the Elf.

Hope these pjs get you into the Christmas spirit. I know I already am just thinking about it. Enjoy!

All the love,

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.19.53 PM



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