Getting Organized

Life can get messy. Don’t we know it.

A relatively calm week becomes a series of chaotic of events in a matter of seconds. The sweet, sweet taste of the weekend is on the tip of your tongue–that is until you realize you have an interview, a 10-page research paper, an exam and a friend’s birthday dinner all before Friday night.

Fear not! Though the odds of staying organized tend to NOT be in your favor, there IS a way to stay positive and ready to conquer the world throughout the hectic and stressful semesters ahead.

When August rolls around, fear of beginning a new semester kicks in. What calms me down and excites me just as much as Disney World? Long walks with an iced coffee in hand down the Target school supplies aisles. 

The key to starting a successful school year is having the proper tools. Find supplies that make you excited to work. The idea of getting a thrill from school supplies may be bizarre but trust me, it helps ease the pain of a new academic year.

There’s nothing that brings me more joy than opening a fresh pack of colorful pens and a brand new agenda. Here are the success tools and tips for a fantastic year. Getting organized doesn’t need to be boring. Dump the legal notepads and grey planners and join the bright, colorful supply life. 


Tip 1: Invest in a Planner 

I’d be lying if I told you my planner wasn’t my best friend and life support.

Last year, I decided to treat myself to a Lilly Pulitzer agenda. Life has never been the same. I get all giddy inside when I open my beautiful agenda full of pink peonies.

What’s so great about the Lilly agendas is that they come fully equipped with the tools for success and fun.

Something I always look for in a planner is that it must have tabs of every month proceeded with space to write for each individual day. This way, I get to see the month as a whole and then flip the pages to see exactly what has to be done each day. What I love about my Lilly agenda is that not only does it have what I need but it also has a page for notes, birthdays, holidays and the best part, STICKERS.

Find an agenda that resembles the kind of day, month, year you’d like to have. Below are some of my favorites.

Tip 2: Use A Desk Calendar

It may seem redundant but having a desk calendar is simultaneously another tool to keep your crazy life in check AND a chic desk accessory.

Last October, Sugar Paper Los Angeles collaborated with Target and designed an amazing collection of planners, notebooks and calendars. Though I had an insane number of calendars around my room, I caved and got the 2015 Kraft Desk Calendar. The calendar was bought with the intentions of being a desk pad; however, it ended up being another fantastic reminder of the upcoming events.

Pick a desk calendar that matches your work space and fits the functionality purpose.

Tip 3: Add Some Color

Have fun with color. Write your birthdays in pink, school assignments in green, social events in blue, whatever makes you the happiest and keeps you the most organized. Doing this will help you categorize your events and bring your planner/calendar to life. Writing my notes in color eradicates the dullness of school and work.

Tip 4: Post It – EVERYWHERE

Still need a little more motivating?

Sticky notes will do the job and no, I’m not talking about your plain, old yellow sticky notes. I’m talking about probably the cutest sticky notes ever.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.26.06 AM

Sticky Note Set – Blah Blah

See what I mean? Who wouldn’t want to be reminded with these! I use sticky notes for basically everything. I put them in my car, on my wall, behind my phone, in my agenda, literally any place that will give me that extra needed reminder.

Tip 5: Utilize Mobile Calendar

I get it. People are moving past the ancient concept of “paper calendars.” The easiest and most efficient way to keep track of your day is to use one of the greatest inventions ever created–the calendar on your phone. With all the planners/calendars/notebooks I have in my life, I can assure you the mobile calendar is by far the most dynamic and effective tool you will ever have. Once I have all my tasks written down in lists/agendas, I take my due dates, birthdays, events, etc., to my mobile calendar and add an obnoxious alert. Trust me, you won’t be forgetting anything.

Tip 6: Create Lists

It’s easier to strategize the days ahead with a hand written list. Not only will writing it down make it easier for you to remember but being able to visually see the tasks at hand creates a sense of urgency. If a scratch of paper won’t do, treat yourself to one of these. I’m sure your list will be completed in no time.


Hope these tools will lead you to a successful and bright academic school year. Wishing you all the best!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.19.53 PM

6 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. I never know how many calendars to keep. I like having a physical one because I like to cross things off my to do list. I also like having a digital calendar ( I’m partial to google calendar) but I also like having a desk calendar. I feel like it’s a lot of effort to keep up all three. This year I will also have a work calendar on a separate computer so I’m feeling agenda overload. I really like this list though, it’s very thorough


    1. Hi Rachel!

      I completely understand. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the planners but trust me, it’s worth it. I mostly rely on my physical planner because for me, it’s the one that’s most fun to keep up with. Regarding the work calendar, I usually separate that section as a whole. I’ll write very important tasks from work down on my physical calendar but other than that, I open the work calendar at work.

      Thank you so much for reading! 🙂

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