The Paradise Town

The vibrant waves crashing against the city walls encompassed my entire line of vision as I stood at the edge of this new, foreign town.

Brilliant shades of blue painted the ocean, sky, windmill and rooftops of the small limestone buildings.

As we waited under the hot summer sun for my father and uncle to rent a pair of four-wheelers, I stood at the edge of the city and took in the surroundings.

The vessel I’d be living on for two weeks was floating to my right where the ocean met the vast mountain. The small town was alive and bustling to my left with family owned shops, restaurants and street dancers. Behind me were small white houses wearing blue hats and windmills sitting atop the mountains.

I could taste the salt from the Mediterranean as the oceanic winds breezed through my orange tunic and braided hair.

Once we had the stick shift vehicles, my dad took off with excitement as we all hopped into the adventurous car.

“I feel like 007,” my dad kept giggling as he sped through the dirt roads of the city.

After 20 minutes of off-roading, we arrived at the beach.

I stood in awe and my toes touched where the ocean met the smooth sand.

Greece had been one of my go-to destinations for years. When I’d tell people of my Greek dreams, I always got the, “It’s dirty and old. Greece is not like Mamma Mia,” (because I’m always thinking of far off places and living as if life were a musical).

Never did I think this place would look and feel like this. Mykonos, Greece was more beautiful than words can describe.

“I can’t believe we’re here,” my sisters, cousins and I repeatedly said.

I felt I was standing in a picturesque painting that only existed in dreams and people’s eccentric imaginations.

The crescent-shaped beach was enveloped by houses facing the Mediterranean ocean and mountains. We quickly took off our cover-ups, applied sunscreen and jumped right in.

Ignoring the temperature of the water (which was freezing), the six of us swam far out and tested the depths of the water, admiring the ocean floor and sea life.

By floating on our backs and holding hands, we formed a circle (Busby Berkely inspiration, well we tried) and took in all of the beautiful surroundings.

The contrast of the blue sky, stunning water and mountains was one of the most exquisite and breathtaking sights I have ever seen and I never wanted to leave.

Every once in a while, I wake up a little sad wishing I was back in Mykonos driving with the top down through the beautiful city and swimming in the pristine ocean. Although pictures really don’t do this place justice, I hope you enjoy and get a little taste of one of my favorite stops on my 2014 Mediterranean summer cruise.















I’m ready to board the next flight to Mykonos. Who wants to join me in paradise?


Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.19.53 PM

| Click HERE for my Mykonos song |

*insert aggressive dancing and lots of “OPAS”*


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